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See what's fresh

Each week, we work with local farmers to curate the freshest farm box of fruits and vegetables.


Customize it

Swap items you don't like with more of what you love. Even skip your box for a week or more.


Open your door

An eco-friendly, hand packed delivery is left at your address each week on your delivery day.

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100% Transparency

Every item in every box is traceable back to its farm or producer.

Hummingbird Farms

Hummingbird Farms

Ridgely, MD

Jasper Hill

Jasper Hill

Greensboro, VT

Little Wild Things

Little Wild Things

Washington, DC

Delta Blues

Delta Blues

Ruleville, MS

Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka, AK

Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen

New York, NY

Consider Bardwell Farm

Consider Bardwell Farm

West Pawlet, VT

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Hawthorne Valley Farm

Ghent, NY

We only work with makers that innovate in the world of sustainability-driven food production.

50% of every dollar goes directly to the farmer or maker.


Vegetables and fruits

Sourced from small scale farms.
Grown with sustainable methods.
No genetically modified seeds.



No synthetic growth hormones.
Only fed non-GMO feed.
Always pasture raised.



Humanely raised and treated.
Free range on open pastures.
Never given preemptive antibiotics.



Wild or sustainably raised.
No antibiotics or growth hormones.
From family-owned fishing boats.

  Each week’s farm box is an inspiration — both to cook and to discover. There’s always a delicious surprise, even in winter.  

  ..If I ever move, I'll make sure I'm still within the FTF delivery zone because I can't imagine my food life without From the Farmer now!  

  ...I highly recommend them if you love to cook, eat healthy, support local, and try new foods!  

  ..I commend you, From the Farmer -- it is a rarity to find quality and customer service such as yours. I will forever be a fan.  

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Food waste is not cool - If you are going out of town or have the fridge still full, skip your delivery with a single click!

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