6 steps to manifesting your dreams

6 steps to manifesting your dreams

We all know the adage, you are what you eat, but what about you are what you think or even your thoughts become your reality. There is an undeniable power in thought and whether or not your recognize it, you are constantly in a state of manifestation.

As students of the Law of Attraction know, like attracts like – so when you’re in a bad mood and feel crappy about life, work, and the weather, well, unfortunately your energy and indeed all the energy that surrounds you will probably be crappy. 

Alternatively, if you find ways to focus on the positive and think to yourself “I’m awesome and this day is going to be awesome,” chances are you’re going to feel more confident, empowered and create energy around you that aligns with those feelings.  Studies have shown we think somewhere around 60,000 thoughts per day. It’s up to you to consider and perhaps adjust the content of said thoughts based on how you want to feel, who you want to be and what you want to do with your precious life.

Here are a few tips to help you manifest what you desire:

1.     Remember that you are worthy of your dreams. The first step is to remember that it is your birthright to be happy and that you deserve to follow your dreams. Often we jump straight into goal setting and visualization but forget this critical step – remembering that all experiences, good and bad, have made you who you are, and that right now in this moment, you are worthy of achieving your goals. If this is a difficult step for you, it may be time to dive deeper into what blocks or limiting beliefs need to be dismantled in your life first. I find Louise Hay’s Book, You Can Heal Your Life, very helpful for this process. 

2.     Create your manifestation list. I often advise my clients to free write whatever comes to them using the following prompts: “I want….”, I desire….”, and “I intend to…”.  Give yourself a few minutes to jot down whatever comes up without judgment. Have fun with it and think big! From there, prune your list to the top 1-3 three things you’d really like to focus on right now. Get extremely specific about those items. For example, if I want to manifest buying a home, I’m not just writing, “I want to buy a house” but instead, “I want a home in this neighborhood, with a gas stove, a bathtub, a small backyard space,” etc. The more specific and focused, the more powerful the energy behind the intention becomes.

3.     Make peace with any downsides of getting what you want. This may sound strange but often we are subconsciously holding ourselves back. For example, one of your dreams may be to become a yoga teacher, and you say to yourself, “I really want to be a yoga teacher someday;” however, underneath you’re thinking, “but gosh, I’ll never have time to do all the training or I’ll never pay for it, will I? And when would I even have the time to teach classes?” Instead of subconsciously running those sabotaging thoughts through your mind, greet them head on. Be honest with yourself about any downsides of your goals. Then say to yourself – “I am fully aware of the downsides, and I still want to manifest this goal. It’s still worth it.”

4.     Remind yourself of these goals often.  It’s one thing to create an incredible list of goals in a journal that then collects dust on your bookshelf for a year.  It’s another to review your goals consistently to keep them top of mind.  I advise my clients to keep their lists in places they see all the time – taped to the bathroom mirror, the fridge, on the dashboard of your car. The visual reminder will keep you focused on these goals and continue to devote your energy towards their achievement.

5.     Meditate on what you’d like to manifest. Plant this intention into your meditation practice by stating it in the positive as you meditate with a phrase based on your goal, like “I take excellent care of myself” or “I have a life and job I love” or even “I feel loved.” This practice of stating your goal in the positive and present can rewire your patterns of thinking and indeed, help you manifest what you state.

6.     Surrender and trust. One of the keys to manifesting something positive in your life or even a big change, is trusting in the process. Focus on the goal, journal about it, meditate upon it, but then loosen your grip. I know this might sound a bit counterintuitive, but it is essential to trust that the universe has your back and as long as you put in the work, things will unfold as they are supposed to. Sometimes goals take longer to achieve than we would like or end up a bit different than expected. Nevertheless, these things happen for a reason and often end up far better than we would have initially imagined. Keep your positivity and trust, and things will work out for you.

I believe that you can will what you want. I also believe in working, focusing, pushing, and then surrendering to the flow of your life. You have the power to harness so much good for yourself and others. So let us end here with a favorite and oft-quoted, but always relevant, line from Rumi to keep you inspired on your journey: What you seek is seeking you.

 6 steps to manifesting your dreams

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