An Evening Routine For A Successful Morning

An Evening Routine For A Successful Morning

Every time another article surfaces on social media about everything you should do in the mornings to prepare for a successful, productive day, its so easy to get incredibly overwhelmed. How are you supposed to do ALL of those things before you leave your house without waking up at 4 in the morning?

While its important to create a successful morning routine that makes you feel good, we find the best mornings are the ones following a restful sleep, and have a list of things prepped the evening before.

Below are 5 of our favorite evening routine habits:

Clean The Kitchen
There is nothing worse than facing crusty dishes and dirty countertops first thing in the morning – talk about discouraging! Before you head to bed, wipe down your countertops, load up your dishwasher, and empty your sink. Your breakfast will taste that much better if prepared in a shiny kitchen.

Stop Working and Shut Down
Set a time for yourself every night that is your dedicated “shut-off” hour. Make sure this time falls at least 1 hour before shut-eye so that your body and mind have ample time to take a break from your inbox.

Lay Out Your Clothes + Pack Your Bag
This one is simple: take away one less thing to think about by setting your outfit out for the day. Check the weather, plan around whatever you have scheduled, and lay or hang it somewhere easy that will avoid overnight wrinkles. Also, if you carry a gym bag or a lot of other things to and from work, pack up your bag before you head to bed and place it next to your front door–easy to grab and go!

Write Down Your Goals and Tasks for Tomorrow
Have a million things to do tomorrow? Write them down! Keep a journal or notebook next to your bed and write anything and everything down that you want to get accomplished the next day. This will make it even easier to get going in the morning so that you don’t waste any time trying to lay out your to-do’s first thing.

Read Something
Once you’ve put yourself to bed and shut down your “work” brain, pick up a book. Find one that inspires you in some way; maybe it’s about a new hobby you want to try, an inspiring story about someone you admire, or even just a guilty pleasure novel. Taking the time to let your brain focus on something other than day-to-day life helps us to re-charge and boost creativity.

Here’s to easier mornings!