Some exciting upgrades to your account

If you’ve been a From the Farmer customer for some time you’ll remember that one year ago we made a significant change to your online experience as a From the Farmer subscriber. Over the past twelve months our team has worked creatively to reassemble your subscription experience that makes shopping with From the Farmer a joy.

Four months ago we re-released our beloved customization feature – more of one item in place something you might not love. Six weeks later we added ‘Quick Order’ which allows you to easily shop for add-ons to a weekly Farm Box. Today we’re rolling out the final piece of the puzzle – an improved delivery schedule and updated account homepage. Here’s just a brief snapshot of what’s been improved and how this will impact your weekly orders.

Delivery calendar

Your delivery calendar now appears in a calendar format. Green circles indicate weeks you’re scheduled for a delivery. Whereas, red squares indicate weeks you’re not scheduled for a delivery. A grey circle indicates the last day you’re able to make any changes for the current week’s delivery – either customizing your Farm Box, adding items to your delivery from the store, or skipping that week’s delivery. Going out of town in three weeks? No problem – click the date you don’t want a delivery and a green circle will give way to a red dot and we’ll skip you on that week’s route.

My account homepage

Your account home page now knows whether or not you’re scheduled for a delivery (or other add-ons) for the upcoming week. If you visit your online account and have already skipped that week’s order from the delivery calendar you’ll see a clear button inviting you to either get your subscription order or shop the store. Your Farm Box and add-ons scheduled to arrive that week will appear with a green calendar box. Those skipped will appear with a grey box and the text / contents will be greyed out. If you have an open order from the marketplace you’ll see that here too. This way, right on your account homepage, you’re able to easily see and manage exactly what will be in that week’s delivery.


As you go to checkout for an add-on order from the marketplace you’ll no longer be prompted with questions about this order replacing your subscription. Instead you’ll easily be able to manage the subscription products that you’d like to receive in addition to your add-on order. You’ll see your Farm Box, your add-ons, and the market order you’re creating in one single view to make sure you didn’t forget anything!

What’s Fresh email

And, finally, your What’s Fresh email has gotten smarter! Already skipped this week? No problem – we’ll send you your What’s Fresh still listing your Farm Box contents (should you opt to receive it) and we’ll confirm that you’re not active for a delivery this week. While we hope that you’ll find something in the Farm Box that you’ll love – you’ll know right from your email if you’re getting a Farm Box delivery or not.

We hope these improvements will make shopping with From the Farmer even more of a breeze! If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas – we’re all ears. 

Thanks for your support,