FTF Turns 5: BBQ Birthday

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BBQ Birthday

Five years ago, FTF's founders Jason and Nick made their first delivery of farm fresh produce - packed in Nick's parents' garage and topped with freshly trimmed tulips from his mom's garden. Its hard to believe how much FTF's community has grown throughout those five years because of pure passion, hard work, and genuine partnership. 

We wanted to share the excitement and celebration of moving through half a decade with our friends + family, customers + food purveyors. So, we did it the best way we knew how: with food, of course!

FTF Turns 5: BBQ Birthday

We thought it was most appropriate to have Jason and Nick back on the grill, where their friendship first flourished - deeply rooted in their love of food, when they began their university's first grilling club back in the day (which is still very much thriving today!). Not only was it a blast to have the two of them rockin' the grill with others from our team, but having our customers, family, close friends and food makers + growers all there, too, was a beautiful sight to see! 

With Mess Hall, a local commissary kitchen + food-centric event space, serving as the perfect location for our Birthday BBQ, the talented folks from Handsome Hound serenading us, and fun foods demos happening throughout the afternoon, we had a fantastic time with our customers.

FTF Turns 5: BBQ Birthday

As our business is primarily based virtually, we cherish those face-to-face conversations with our FTF community where we get to hear about their lives, hear feedback or answer their questions ("What is a gooseberry, anyway? How do I cook that grass-fed steak to perfection?"). Its also an opportunity for our customers to shake the hand of the person who makes their favorite provision, like Jenna from Whisked bakeshop, or finally meet Matt Harsh and his family from 78 Acres farm. Plus, its also an opportunity to interact with each other, share recipes or form a friendship over a similar interest – good food

We appreciated the many folks who came out to celebrate with us – it means so much to have so many souls as excited as we are to see us flourish as a team, business and partner in the good food community here in DC over the past five years! We are thankful for the love notes you shared, the smiles with which you left us, and the endless support + loyalty you offer us each week.

 FTF Turns 5: BBQ Birthday

We can't wait for five more years of good food delivery!

PS - Missed the party or just want to relive the afternoon? Check out our photo album on Facebook here!