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Greenheart Organic

If you've tried the granola we carry in our store, then you're familiar with Greenheart Organic - a locally owned and operated juice company that also creates amazing, flavorful and healthful granola. We began a partnership with Alicia, founder of Greenheart, in Autumn 2015 and have been blown away by the story and quality of this DC business. Not only is her granola some of the best we've ever tasted, but Alicia's dedication and positive spirit shine through every bite! 

  • Tell us about your journey to starting Greenheart Organic. What sparked the idea?
    I developed an interest in holistic living at a young age. I was lucky enough to have a mother who took me to a holistic doctor/chiropractor and his continued presence, however sporadic, created a solid foundation I’ve always been able to come back to. At a particularly difficult time when I was super unhappy in my public accounting career, working long hours and struggling to make good choices for myself overall, my then-boyfriend was killed in Afghanistan. His death was a huge wake up call that our time here on earth is incredibly limited and I didn’t want to waste the time I did have doing something I didn’t love and feeling like crap while doing it. I quit my job a month a later and applied to go back to school for a journalism program at Northwestern. I used the downtime in between to focus on my health and healing and to learn more about myself in general. I started seeing a therapist, got serious about a regular yoga practice, and found myself spending lots of time in the kitchen figuring out how to nourish my body with clean foods that made me feel light, energized and, most of all, alive. Naturally, when we develop tools, insights and lessons that we feel may help others, we want to share and make them more accessible. I started Greenheart with the intention of doing just that -- helping others savor life, not suffer through it.

  • What is your favorite Greenheart product and why?
    I love our all-vegetable green juice, The Rooster (named after the 1992 Alice In Chains song) . We don’t skimp on the greens with this one or tame it with water-heavy vegetables (it’s 60 percent leafy greens), so it has a ton of nutrients and is great for overall alkalinity.. It gives me life after long days in a way an energy drink or coffee never can -- blasphemy to all those coffee drinkers, I know.

  • Where can we find your products?
    We sell at farmers’ markets throughout Northern Virginia. In the winter months, you can find us in Loudoun County at the Leesburg Farmers Market and at in Fairfax at the Falls Church Farmers Market (both on Saturday). We’re making our way into DC this Spring and plan to be selling at markets downtown starting in April. And of course, you can find our granola through From The Farmer year round!

  • What are your hopes for the future of Greenheart Organic?
    My hope for Greenheart is that we always facilitate and inspire people to take care of themselves physically, while also helping them heal on a deeper level. The latter is hard to do through quick interactions at a farmers’ market, which is why we’re working toward a physical location where we can create a sense of community around health and personal growth and have more meaningful interactions among people. With a cozy-cafe-coffee shop type feel, we hope to create a space where like-minded people can come to connect, catch up over nourishing, clean food and have support while working through life’s most pressing issues or celebrating life’s greatest successes. At the end of the day, we’re committed to being more than just a company that sells juice -- we want to bring people in DC together in a more substantial way.

Stop by Greenheart's website to read more about Alicia's incredible story, and - if you're a FTF customer - check out our pantry to support this fantastic company (and eat the best granola in town)!