Matt Harsh of 78 Acres Farm

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Matt Harsh - Our Unicorn Farmer

From The Farmer co-founders, Jason and Nick, first met Matt Harsh 4 years ago when their produce business was just starting off. They still have fond memories of strolling onto 78 Acres Farm in Smithsburg, MD (Chesley Vegetable Farm back then) in their preppy DC attire to meet Matt, get to know his farm and farming practices, and eventually leave with their first purchase - a couple crates of apples. Nick always says they were sure Matt thought he'd never see these two city slickers again. 

A few years later, though, our relationship with Matt has only grown, as well as the amount of produce we pick up from him each week. We now get a whole plethora of produce from 78 Acres - from crisp apples and sweet cherries to curly kale and spaghetti squash, Matt has the magic green thumb. In fact, we like to call him our "unicorn farmer" due to all the amazing fruits and veggies he grows.

Not only do we source this tasty produce from him, but we've also gotten to know Matt personally. We stop in to say "hi" when he's selling at the farmers' markets in the city, we adore his wife Mary, and we get to hear how his kids are doing in school. 

And that's exactly why we work with small family farms like 78 Acres. Because we find value in supporting folks like Matt - real people who have families, who work hard to create amazing things, and who put a whole lotta love into what they do. When you take a bite of an apple or peach from Matt, you can really tell that it was grown with passion for his land and his craft - you can taste the difference.

Luckily for us, Matt's been a huge part of From The Farmer over the years. And that story of picking up the first order of apples? We're looking forward to telling that even further down the road as we see 78 Acres and From The Farmer's relationship grown even more. 

Matt Harsh of 78 Acres Farm

Matt Harsh of 78 Acres Farm