Cinco de Mayo Inspiration

It’s easy to get inspired by the flavors of Mexico. From simple street food to delicate seafood dishes, our neighbor to the South is famous for unbelievable, fresh tastes. If you’re planning a party for Cinco de Mayo, we’re here to help set the table. Here are a few of our favorite ways to serve up a superior spread:

Simply Salsa

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo more than salsa. This quintessential condiment captures the essence of Mexican cuisine: fresh, versatile, simple, with a little heat and a ton of flavor. We love to make our own, but we also love to crack open a jar from our friends at Two Acre Farm, a local farm-to-table producer from Keymar, MD.

Pair their fresh Pico de Gallo Salsa and Fresh Spicy Corn Salsa with Tortilla chips from our pals at Moctec, another fresh-focused local producer based in Landover, MD.

And don’t forget about the amazing edibles made right here in the FTF kitchens! Our Honey Habanero pickled daikon is sweetly spicy—if you like it extra-hot, kick up the heat by serving it with Moctec’s amazing jalapeno-flavored chips.

Go for the Guac!

As a simple starter, you can’t go wrong with a good guacamole. This easy dip has endless variations, but great guacamole depends on selecting avocados that are just ripe.

There are three key ways to tell if your avocado is guac-ready:

  • What color is the skin?
    Ripe avocados are darker, so bypass the glowing green guys and aim for a deeper forest green-black exterior. If the skin looks saggy, wrinkled, or dented, the fruit is probably too ripe to use.
  • Squeeze it.
    While this isn’t always the most accurate way to test your fruit, it will give you a good idea of how ripe it is. As you hold your avocado in your palm, give it a light squeeze, the flesh should yield to firm, gentle pressure. If it feels hard, it needs a few more days to ripen before use. If it feels very soft or mushy, it is too ripe and should be avoided.
  • Remove the Stem
    A surefire test is to remove the stem—the color of the flesh beneath tells you how ripe your avocado is. A ripe avocado will have a stem that is easy to remove with a light tug and the flesh beneath should be green. If the stem is hard to remove and the flesh beneath is yellow or very bright, the avocado is not yet ripe. If the flesh is brown, it is overripe and will likely have brown spots and root tendrils forming inside.

Seafood Sizzles

When we think of Mexican cuisine, most of us picture tacos, burritos, and nachos. But Mexican food encompasses every flavor imaginable. In the North Pacific and Gulf regions, it’s all about the seafood. In fact, Tabasco, famous for its hot sauce, is actually home to many species of delicious crab and crayfish which feature prominently in the foods of the region.

For an easy ocean-inspired dish, try grilling our sockeye salmon with chili powder and lime crema, or in a light, lovely Mexican-inspired Grilled Salmon Salad.

Potluck Perfection

If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, why not make the meal a potluck? Provide easy apps and agua frescas and request that your guests do the rest! That gives you time to focus on decor, music, and activities. After all, someone has to make the piñata, right?

Whether you’re the chef or the host, From the Farmer has all the ingredients for a fun fiesta. Hungry for more great recipes and ideas? Stay up-to-date by following us on Pinterest!