Anya's Licorice

 Brooklyn, NY

Before Anya began making licorice, she studied history at Trinity College, taught English in Thailand, worked in a three star restaurant, and had a serious food blogging hobby.  Today, she is re-imagining what licorice should be.

Red licorice was invented in the 1950's when the American Licorice Co. substituted corn syrup for molasses and added artificial flavor and red food dye to their traditional black licorice recipe.  Red licorice hasn't evolved much since then. Its still full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and colors. 

With a passion for licorice and a Brooklyn sense of DIY determination, Anya set off to create licorice that's 100% natural, perfectly chewy and bursting  with real fruit flavor.  Starting in her tiny apartment kitchen and expanding to a commercial kitchen in Brooklyn, Anya produces small batch, all-natural, licorice handmade with real fruit that she is proud to put her name on.

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