Berg Bites

 Washington, DC

It all started for Daniel in the Berg household when they would serve “health balls” as a dessert to all their guests. Everyone fell in love with these bites and he decided that someday, he'd make sure this healthy dessert was available for everyone!

But first it was time to get an education.

He went off to The George Washington University, and his my mom would ship bags of these bites so that his dorm roommates wouldn’t “starve.” They lived off the bites! In a dorm you really don’t have much food and these would fill everyone up and satisfy the sweet tooth.  As he'd mentioned back home,  Daniel declared to my roommates that he would someday make these health balls for everyone!

Packed with heart healthy oats and Omega 3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds, Berg Bites are the guilt-free snack that are sinfully delicious!

I prefer mine frozen for a nice chill thrill, but Berg Bites are excellent anywhere because they don’t melt!

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