Black & Bolyard

 Brooklyn, NY

In 2011, Andrew Black and Eric Bolyard met while cooking side-by-side at the famed Eleven Madison Park in New York City. The two cooks quickly discovered a common ground in both sophisticated flavors and unwavering standards. Their Brooklyn-based supper club, Tasting Society, was created as an outlet to showcase their own style, often serving rustic bread with whipped brown butter as a shared course. Their guests’ enthusiastic response and requests for more left them with no other option than to launch Black & Bolyard Brown Butter.

Inspired by the nostalgic act of butter slowly toasting on the stoves of professional kitchens, Black & Bolyard strives to bring these captivating flavors and scents to the home. We cook and infuse Grassfed, Non-GMO butter sourced from a single farm in upstate New York. Our process transforms whole butter into a more complex and rich browned butter - a deeply toasted version of its original form. We take pride in utilizing outstanding ingredients to craft our delicious, versatile, and unique products.

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