From the Farmer

Brainfood Homegrown

 Washington D.C.

Brainfood Homegrown is a youth-led local business venture launched by the non-profit youth development organization, Brainfood.  For over 15 years, Brainfood has used food and cooking to teach life and job skills to D.C. teens and young adults through its after-school and summer programs.  

Brainfood Homegrown, led by Brainfood graduates, offers entrepreneurship experience and job training in the local food sector.  Homegrown team members run the entire operation, from recipe testing, to production, to packaging and sales.  Homegrown snacks are handmade in Brainfood's Mount Vernon Square kitchen, packaged on-site, and sold through both a market stand and a growing number of retail locations, such as From the Farmer.

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