Brainy Belly

 Washington DC

In 2012, founder Janalee "broke her stomach" and faced major health issues.  It has been through this important moment in her life that she learned the healing power of properly made bone broth and has been on the recovery path ever since.

So why bone broth and why get smart about the broth you consume?  Grass fed, pasture raised animals build bones filled with trace nutrients and collagen-packed gelatin. Collagen is a valued commodity in the body,  even more so as we age and it is critical, needed for joints and the connective tissue throughout your body. Bone broth is a powerful source of collagen and gelatin, its fragrant warmth ready to lift your spirits and heal your body.   

In each pack of Brainy Belly, you'll get nutrient dense, wholesome bone broth based products that will heal you from the inside out.

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