Chops Snacks

 New Haven, CT

Chops Snacks was started by two college roommates, Luke Sellers and Aaron Jones, along with Dusty Jaquins. Although they are avid jerky fans, they wanted something that wasn't so dry and tough. Thinking they could deliver something that would raise the bar in the category, Chops beef jerky was eventually born.

Made using only select & choice cuts of beef brisket, with all-natural ingredients, they believe Chops is the product that is going to change the way people look at beef jerky. They refuse to use ungraded beef that is sourced from old dairy cattle, and use only ingredients that can be found in any pantry – a difference that can be tasted in every bite. After being thinly sliced and marinated, the end result is a jerky that is unparalleled in tenderness and flavor.

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