Mustard Girl

 Pleasant Prairie, WI

Jennifer Connor is the Mustard Girl. Long ago, Jennifer met a dear old man who made this legendary mustard on his farm outside of her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. His mustard was so good, it brought happiness to everyone's tastebuds! After years of spreading mustardly joy, the mustard man retired and passed his recipe on to Jennifer, because he knew how much she loved his mustard. He said, "behind any good mustard, stands a good mustard seed, be happy in heart and keep on spreading that sunshine." Jennifer felt so touched, but didn't know if she could handle the responsibility and make the mustard on her own. She needed a sign! She went to church searching for a sign... the sermon that day was the "mustard seed" story and Mustard Girl was formed on the spot! So, using the old man's recipe as a guide and infusing her own love, Jennifer combines nature's highest grade mustard seeds with all natural ingredients to create 5 distinct and delicious gluten-free, gourmet mustards. 

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