From the Farmer

RIPE Specialty Foods

 Alexandria, VA

As the head cheese monger at RIPE Specialty Foods, Katie Carter is hand curating a collection of cheeses for From the Farmer. We trust her taste for exemplary cheeses and here's why...

Katie Carter is a DC native with a long history in the local food industry. She started her career as a cheesemaker at a local organic dairy farm in 2003. It is her appreciation for hard working dairy farmers and artisanal cheesemakers that has inspired a lifelong love of and dedication to cheese. Katie has been a cheese educator, writer, and cheesemonger since leaving the farm. In 2012, Katie earned the title of Certified Cheese Professional the very first year the certification was given by the American Cheese Society. She won third place at the 2013 Cheesemonger Invitational in New York, an all out competition among the country’s best cheesemongers. In 2015, Katie created a local cheese professional guild called The Mid Atlantic Cheese Coalition, bringing together producers, mongers, chefs, and retailers to elevate our local artisanal cheese scene. Katie visits small farms and producers often to curate the best artisanal cheeses that may not be very well known here in the DC area.

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