Small Axe Peppers

 Bronx, NY

Bronx Hot Sauce is made with serrano peppers grown in over 40 community gardens throughout the Bronx. We fund and support these gardens and growers by sourcing our serrano peppers at premium prices. We donate the pepper seedlings at the beginning of each growing season. We buy back the pepper yields from the gardens throughout the year. This unique buy-back model allows each garden to defray their maintenance cost and Bronx gardeners to earn additional income.

Bronx Hot Sauce is unique because it is currently the only commercial product in the United States produced from community gardens. We cook our small batch artisanal hot sauce, using only six all-natural ingredients to ensure fresh and delicious flavor.

King Phojanakong is at the forefront of the burgeoning Filipino food movement and is the chef-owner of Kuma Inn and Tito King’s Kitchen at Jimmy’s 43, in New York City. King is a NYC native whose culinary influences began at home with the inspirational cooking of his Filipino mother and Thai father. A Culinary Institute of America graduate who worked with Daniel Boulud at “ Daniel” and David Bouley at “The Danube”. Chef King has been featured in television programs including Cutthroat Kitchen, The Rachael Ray Show, Food(ography), Selling New York and Mike Colameco’s Real Food. King was a presenter at CIA’s Flavor, Quality and American Menus 2012, Worlds of Flavor 2013, Worlds of Flavor 2015 and Flavor Summit 2016.

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