From the Farmer


 Washington, D.C.

At age 20, Rebecca’s doctor told her to remove all sugar from sugar from her diet – she was on her way to diabetes. How could that be possible? She was eating all of the things that people told her were so ‘healthy’ – vitamin rich cereal, whole wheat bread, granola bars and fruit juices. She had to make a change to save her health.

Switching to a grain-free, whole foods, unprocessed diet not only prevented diabetes, but reversed her blood sugar issues completely. With a penchant for cooking, a childhood love of waffles, and a craving for convenience… swapples were born. These plant based waffles quickly became her morning ‘toast’, croutons, lunchtime sandwich bread, and dinner companion with soup. With as great as they continue to make her feel – she couldn’t help but to share them with you!  SWAP was founded to provide wholesome and flavorful versions of traditional food favorites, all in the hope of inspiring others make the same change she did – more Food, less junk.

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