Creating the perfect salad

Salad is always on the table during our daily lunches as a team. Sometimes its as simple as a garden salad featuring crisp cucumber and sweet cherry tomatoes – and other times it puts on a little more of a show with a plethora of spiralized veggies dressed with a snappy lemon vinaigrette and topped with some local feta. But whatever it consists of, salad’s always a staple seen on everyone’s plate. 

From meal to meal (yes, even breakfast!), salad is an easy way to get in extra veggies, fantastic fuel for on-the-go busy days, and a surefire way to keep your healthy habits on track. Use the five building blocks below for creating the perfect salad. .

Creating the perfect salad

1. Wash the greens. Unless your greens are grown hydroponically, they may come to you with some grit and dirt on them. Don’t be afraid to dunk them in water, or put them through a salad spinner, and simply pat dry with a kitchen or paper towel when they’re ready. This will help tremendously with ensuring a clean texture and taste.

2. Experiment with different dressings. An oil & vinegar dressing might be easy and delicious, but it can get a little boring after a while! Use seasonal citrus to brighten up your salad – especially kale or heartier greens do well when massaged beforehand with a citrus vinaigrette. Make creamy dressings nourishing by blending avocado or cashews as the base. Orvisit this site for a list of go-to dressings.

3. Get all the veg. Various veggies can add interesting textures and nutritious profiles to your plate. Roasted veggies are also a great addition and can make for an awesome warm salad during cooler seasons. Cut the veggies similarly so they’re easier to eat. Prefer cubed? Maybe julienne is your thing. Whatever works, as long as they’re uniform, if possible. 

4. Add fun textures. Candied pecans, toasted pine nuts, and even granola can be a fun addition to your salad – while adding a bit of crunch! Avocado and cheese (think feta, crumbled goat cheese or cubes of cheddar) are also great additional items that add flavor and healthy fat.

5. Make it a meal. Add a protein of your choice – grilled chicken is easy to prepare before the week gets off to a running start, but fish can be made the night before if you’re bringing your salad into the office for lunch. Prefer going a vegetarian route? Marinated and baked tofu is versatile and can also be prepped beforehand. 

However you mix and mingle your salad ingredients, make it exciting and varied by rotating veggies, toppings and dressings to keep your interest peaked each meal!