Five favorites: Fall Essentials

The perfect season for almost everyone, fall offers a delicate balance between summer’s waning warmth and incoming chill of winter. Though there is joy found in each harvest of the year, something about the crisp of an autumn apple + greens, crunch of the harvest’s cauliflower and sweet bite of hearty roasted squash.

When it comes to cooking dinner for friends, or just our family, we always want to incorporate the season’s finest flavors – those flavors that are earthy, warming, and comforting. Check out what five fall essentials we come back to time and time again when it comes to serving up a harvest feast!

Five favorites: Fall Essentials

1. Applesauce + cider. Both applesauce and cider can be warmed up, or heated with additional spices, to make a fantastic sauce or accompaniment for roast pork or chicken. The combination of warmed apple sauce with a forkful of slow roasted pork tenderloin or a chicken thigh braised in cider is the absolute best! Apple sauce is also a wonderfully healthy substitute for oil or butter in all your fall baking (hello, pumpkin spice muffins!).
Try it:  Cider-Braised Chicken Thighs with Caramelized Apples Pumpkin Muffins 

2. Braised meats. There is something so soothing about a flavorful braised protein that’s still piping hot from the oven. One of our favorite ways to prepare is lamb shanks slowly roasted or braised with complicated and warm spices that all tie together to create a dinner plate full of comfort.
Try it:  Lamb Shanks with Chickpeas & Moroccan Spices

3. Winter squash. Not only are winter squashes so delicious, a fantastic source of fiber and non-grain carbohydrates. But they also make such sweet centerpieces for your fall table! What better way to decorate your dining room or kitchen than with a rotating centerpiece, moving new squashes in and out as you use them or bring them home from the store or your From the Farmer delivery.
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4. Curry, chili, soup + stew. What better time to have a soul-warming meal than on the days of fall that tend to be extra chilly! We love the spices curry and chili delivers – keeping you both on your toes and embraced in a hug from the inside out. Soup and stew also offer that coziness that makes you just want to curl up in a blanket next to the fireplace.
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5. Fall fruitsWhile summer fruit tends to be sweet and extra fruity, fall fruit has a sweetness balanced with more earthy flavors. Produce such as pomegranates are great in parfaits; apples make a fantastic addition to pie and citrus is wonderful baked in a cake; while pears are amazing in tarts and poached on their own!
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