Five favorites: weekend camping snacks

‘Tis the season for rolling out the sleeping bag, gathering around the fire pit and setting up camp. With options to explore the water and forests around Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, there’s certainly no shortage of hiking and camping adventures! 

The only thing that’d kill your weekend vibes would be hangin’ with a hangry crew. Keep yourself, and everyone else around you, happy by packing a few travel- and camp-friendly snacks. High in energy and flavor, our five favorites are sure to keep a smile on everyone’s faces – even during the trip out to your chosen weekend spot or that killer hike. 

Five favorites: weekend camping snacks

Old Dog Ranch Raw Walnuts || Grab a handful of these omega-3 powerhouses to snack on by themselves or add to your trail mix for an extra boost of brain- & heart-healthy fats to keep you satisfied. (We also recommend ODR‘s Chocolate and Raw Honey & Sea Salt Walnut Butters – YUM!)

Go Chews Energy Snacks || Packed with protein and fiber, these perfect bites are bursting with flavor and will give you the energy to fuel you through the next 5 miles of your trek in the woods. With three flavors to choose from – fig ginger sesame, Turkish apricot and cherry dark chocolate – they are sure to satisfy every palette. 

FTF Beef Sticks || Paleo lovers, rejoice! Our no-nitrate, hormone- & antibiotic-free grass fed beef sticks not only take up zero space in your bag, but they also pack a protein punch 

Kate Bakes Bars || These easy “grab and go” bars are the perfect balance of protein, carbs & healthy fats and fill your belly with whole food goodness. Beyond hiking and camping, keep one (or a bundle) of these bars in your car or bag for post-workout or a late-afternoon snack. 

Harper Macaw 67% Dark Blend || Chocolate for a snack? Why, yes please. A quick mood and energy booster, all you need is a small piece to put a smile on your face – plus passing the bar around the campfire to fulfill everyone’s after dinner dessert fix will make you the group favorite (as if you weren’t already).