Kevin Tucker

Kevin Tucker

Kevin Tucker (our head of Butcher Shop sourcing)’s approach to meat came about after eight years of veganism, motivated by his stance on animal cruelty common to the industrialized meat industry. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh, Kevin always had a longstanding interest in the hunter-gatherer, whose dominant energy source was made up by animal based protein. If he was going to begin eating meat again, he wanted to know all the facts about the industry. 

After paying visits to industrial feedlots and small family farms, Kevin gained a full understanding of both ends of the spectrum, identifying the numerous disparities present in the meat industry. While researching farms local to him, he began working at Farm Fresh, a local pasture-based meat program, in 2010, later moving on to Philly Cow Share and then From The Farmer in late 2015.  

“Our farmers have gone back to the basics not just to produce better tasting and healthier meat, but to allow the animals to live a happy life.”

Becoming an expert on grass-fed and pasture-raised animals was a natural progression, propelled by his ecological enthusiasm and the desire for a smaller carbon footprint, as well as wanting to contribute to the movement for humanely raised and butchered meats. 

Kevin cites sustainable agricultural benefits as a leading factor of importance in why animals should be not only grass fed but pasture raised as well. When animals are brought up as nature intended, both the land and the resulting meat are much healthier. “For me, great meat comes from healthy soil, strong grasses, grazing animals and farmers willing to let them improve the land.” he explains.  As the animals slowly graze across the pasture, the earth is naturally turned and fertilized, producing healthy topsoil. Both the land and animals are nourished in a practice that can sustain generations of energy-rich grass for the animals to eat and enjoy year after year. 

Above everything else, Kevin prioritizes the humane treatment of animals when sourcing meat for From The Farmer. After all, this was the main influencer in his decision to quit veganism. Quite simply, he couldn’t or wouldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Our farmers have gone back to the basics not just to produce better tasting and healthier meat, but to allow the animals to live a happy life as well.

As you see, we take our responsibility of sourcing your meat very seriously. On behalf of our customers who may not necessarily live next door to a farm, we make it a priority to meet your meat, ask our farmers the hard questions, and ensure the meat we source is held to the highest standard.