Our Mission

As crusaders of local food, our mission is to make good food more accessible. We network with local, sustainable, and organic farmers to bring our customers the highest quality, tasty, and thoughtfully grown food available. We believe that knowing where your food comes from, and how far— or rather, how little— it has travelled to get to your table not only makes food taste better, but further instills a sense of community by supporting hard-working farmers and eating with the seasons.

Supporting local farms that practice sustainable agriculture is at the root of living a healthier life– It’s a practice that helps minimize our carbon footprint and eliminate food waste, nourishes our bodies with food that hasn’t been tainted with preservatives and processing, and of course, allows us to enjoy delicious produce at peak freshness, flavor, and nutritional content! This drives our mission in everything we do.

From the farmer was started with a purpose that will always hold true— to use food to connect people and create community. To us, sharing stories is as important as sharing food. By connecting you with the people and the places your food comes from, we are not only turning dinner into discovery, but also making it more delicious.