Pfenning’s Organic – Canada or Georgia?

As you know, supporting food from sources we (and you, in turn) know and trust is at the core of why we exist at From the Farmer. 

Over the winter month’s we work regionally with growers who help us bring farm-fresh goodness to your front door. This winter we’ve bought from the fine folks at Hillside Organic Farms in Reidsville, GA to source broccoli, swiss chard, dino kale, spinach, bunched beets and more. Although these items are grown regionally in Georgia, some of them come to us with a Pfenning’s Organic Farms label (Pfenning’s is a Canadian friend of the Hillside operation who sells Hillside products in Canada under the Pfenning’s logo and sometimes items get mixed up).
So – when you open up your Farm Bag and see a Pfenning’s tag and a Canada address you’ll know why! It wasn’t grown in Canada and comes to you from GA!
Have any questions about how and where we source the bounty for your baskets when it’s the season where our local fields aren’t flourishing – just ask! It’s why we’re here…