Pop – Up Markets and Reducing Food Waste

Pop - Up Markets and Reducing Food Waste

With From The Farmer’s daily operations, we strive to reduce food waste, though its inevitable to have excess produce after our weekly deliveries have been made to our customers. We have a number of outlets for this excess produce – particularly our “seconds”, which are produce items that didn’t pass our quality test because of punctures, bruises or other physical irregularities. We compost, work with artisans who create juice or dehydrated goods, and even donate the produce to kitchens in our community who cook the items and make meals for those in need.

Though, we often ask ourselves how we can participate in, and be a more significant part of, our community – besides simply donating this excess produce to various outlets, we want to be a part of placing these fruits and veggies into the hands of individuals who will use it at home. So, last summer the idea of a “pop-up farmers market” came about.

The pop-up farmers market is setup in an office setting or common area to share the extra produce we have on hand – perfectly good, super fresh items we would have otherwise been delivered to our customers, but were simply in excess. Participants can fill up a bag or two of any or everything we’re offering and pay a contribution of their choosing, which could be $20, $5, or any other amount they feel compelled to give.

Because of these markets, we’re able to share fresh food, chat with new friends about recipe ideas or how to use their new produce, and support hard-working organizations. And to be a part of that – part of the connection between good food and good people, no matter how small – is something to really be proud of.

Pop - Up Markets and Reducing Food Waste