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Beef Eighth Share

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By FTF Butcher Shop

40 pounds of 100% grass-fed and grass finished goodness. From filets, rib eyes, and sirloins to roasts, kabobs, cubes, and ground beef, the eighth share is perfect for beef lovers and families alike. Fill up your freezer with an assortment of great cuts to keep your time in the kitchen fun and tasty.
FTF Butcher Shop

FTF Butcher Shop


We believe that it’s possible to deliver better tasting, higher quality meats in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for our customers, our farm partners, and the land. We look...
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    2 Filet Mignon 1 Chuck Roast (One of the following) 2 Osso Buco
    4 NY Strip 1 Brisket Petite Tender 2 x 4/6oz Patties
    3 Bone In Rib Eye 1 Short Ribs Tri Tip 2 Cubes
    1 Flat Iron 1 London Broil Tenderloin End 3 Kabobs
    1 Sirloin 1 Rump Roast Flank Steak 2 Chipsteak
    1 Sirloin Tip Hanger Steak 1 Stir Fry
    Ground Beef
  • Smaller Families with 1-2 Adults, 0-2 Kids
  • Will take up to 75% of a standard size freezer or 25% of a small chest freezer.
  • 11.99