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Calm Snack



By Happy Healthy Human

This trail mix makes you feel like you'r on a tropical island without ever leaving home. This snack is gluten free, plant based, and made with organic ingredients for a happy, healthy life. What makes Calm so calming? Coconut oil and coconut flakes are a cooling and full of healthy fats to give you a smooth, easy energy. Fennel cools everything down, calms your digestive fire, and makes you smile. Dried blueberries are small and sweet to remind you of a summer's day. Roasted chickpeas for protein and fiber that keep your blood sugar in check.

4.5 oz

Happy Healthy Human

Happy Healthy Human

Washington D.C.

Happy Healthy Human Food came out of Sam's experience as a PhD in nutrition, wellness coach and yoga instructor with expertise in Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of medicine and healing)....
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