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Famous Vegetarian Chili (Spicy)



By Motisola's

Motisola's Famous Vegetarian Chili™ is a unique delicious meat alternative. Made fresh with sweet peppers, corn, sundried tomatoes, slow-cooked, fresh black and kidney beans, touch of blackstrap molasses, sweet mayan onion and drizzles of fresh herbal oils all combine to create a crescendo of wonderful flavors. This dish is a simple chili with a SPICY gourmet twist. Motisola's Famous Vegetarian Chili™ is a dish made with lots of love!
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32 oz

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Artisan      Handmade      Vegetarian

  • Plum tomatoes, tomato paste, minced garlic, onions, sweet peppers, special chili powders, basil, bay leaves, oregano, sweet corn, kidney beans, black beans, black strap molasses, sea salt salt, texturized vegetable protein, and canola oil

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