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From the Farmer

Farmer's Porridge

Sold Out

By Hayden Flour Mills

How farmers start their day! The prefect blend of cracked farro and white sonora wheat bran cooks into a satiating morning porridge with natural hints of cinnamon and walnuts. Super good and tasty and hearty way to gear up for a long day of pushing through the grind.

Hayden Flour Mills

Hayden Flour Mills

Queen Creek, AZ

First established by Charles Hayden in 1868, the Hayden Flour Mills brand was resurrected by Jeff Zimmerman in 2010 after the original mill was abandoned in the late 90s. Jeff...
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  • Stone ground emmer farro, white Sonora wheat bran
  • Freshly milled grains are packed full of natural oils and are best kept in the freezer.

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