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Fire Cider Unsweetened



By Shire City Herbals

Here at the From the Farmer office, we drink this stuff religiously every time we feel a cold coming on, so this is perfect to have on hand during the colder months!
Healthy, organic goodies like onions, garlic, ginger, horseradish, haba±ero peppers, turmeric, lemons, and oranges are steeped in top-quality, raw organic apple cider vinegar for 6 weeks to create a balance of tart and spicy!

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8 oz

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Shire City Herbals

Shire City Herbals

Pittsfield, MA

After watching his wife struggle with her health throughout the cold Berkshire winters, Dana St. Pierre offered her his Fire Cider tonic, based on a home remedy his grandmother used...
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