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Ginger Shrub



By Shrub District

With Shrub District Ginger, we’re finally ready for the fall weather. The spice, the savory, the sweet, the magic of ginger is all we ever wanted in a shrub. Our newest flavor will be available all year round for your enjoyment.

Shrub District Ginger is your go-to mule-maker. It brings the kick of spicy ginger, paired with the perfect balance of tart and sweet (as you’ve come to expect from Shrub District). Two parts spirit, one part shrub, splash of seltzer makes a merry mule for any season.

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8 fl oz

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Shrub District

Shrub District

Washington, DC

Don left a policy career to bring a little more happiness into the world. A wine nerd, cocktail geek, fermentation enthusiast, and eager host, Don founded Shrub District in late...
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