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From the Farmer

Honeycrisp Apples

$ 1.75

By 78 Acres

They're back, albeit a bit blemished!  Due to the late spring hail, these honeycrisps have what they call "hail ding" damage.  While it might make them a bit bumpy on the outside, they are perfectly good on the inside!   These apples are a true From the Farmer favorite.  Honeycrisp apples stand out from the rest thanks to their crisp texture and sweet taste. Munch on these plain or use them in an apple pie, salad, or homemade applesauce!

78 Acres

78 Acres

Smithsburg, MD

From the Farmer cofounders Nick and Jason first met Matt Harsh of 78 Acres four years ago when their produce business was just getting started. Today, we get a whole...
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