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Johnny Pumpkinseed

$10.00  $ 12.00

By American Juice Company

Say no to the pumpkin spiced latte and say yes to this mixer to fix her (or him) a deliciously seasonal cocktail made with real roasted butternut squash, passion fruit, and a hint of pepper for a refreshing kick.

American Juice Company

American Juice Company

New York, NY

In 2012, while working at the Thomas Jefferson hotel in Washington DC, Christopher Wirth teamed up with his friend and colleague, Massimiliano Matte, a renowned mixologist to form American Juice...
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  • Butternut squash, passion fruit juice, fresh orange, brown sugar, cane sugar, tellicherry pepper, salt.
  • 1 oz Johnny Pumpkinseed
    1.5 oz Bourbon
    4 oz Ginger Ale
    1 sprig Rosemary (for garnish)

    Pour over ice, mix and serve! Can easily be made into a punch that you can garnish with fresh cranberries.

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