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From the Farmer

Lentils & Rice with Caramelized Onions (Moudardara)

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By FTF Fine Foods

A specialty of the levant - this collaboration with Mezzebox pairs FTF's red and yellow onions with aromatic spices, rice, and green lentils. Lovingly prepared together to create a party on your palette. This lentils & rice side dish from Mezzebox is the perfect accompaniment to our lamb merguez sausage for the perfect weeknight meal. Buon appetit!

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FTF Fine Foods

FTF Fine Foods

Washington DC

At From the Farmer - we believe in the flavor, honesty, and transparency of what we call 'good food'. We also know sometimes that a busy weeknight can need a little extra nudge...
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  • Onions, Lentils, Rice, spices

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