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Mixed Meats Bundle



By FTF Butcher Shop

Want to give all of our pastured meats a shot? This box contains cuts from our grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, as well as our pastured, heritage breed pork and fully pastured, fully roaming chicken.
FTF Butcher Shop

FTF Butcher Shop


We believe that it’s possible to deliver better tasting, higher quality meats in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for our customers, our farm partners, and the land. We look...
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  • This is our mix of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef & lamb and our fully pastured, heritage breed pork. Choose your own culinary adventure for a perfect sampling of meat month to month.

    - 5 - 7 pounds (12 - 16 servings)

    - Mix of 5-7 various cuts

    -Range of cuts can include sausages, pork chops, beef steaks and more!

  • Try out a collection of quick cooking and larger roasts to keep your family fed.

    Weight: 9-10 lbs

  • Contents will vary.
    1 Ground 1 Ground 1 Ground
    1 Cubes 1 BL Shoulder 1 Kabobs
    1 Stir Fry 1 Sausage
  • Spice up your kitchen with this bundle of our premium steaks, chops, and cuts.

    Weight: 7-8 lbs.

  • Contents will vary.
    2 Filet Mignon 2 Pkgs BI Chops 1 Ground
    2 BI Rib Eye Steaks 1 Tenderloin 2 Shanks

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