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Steak & Chop Bundle



By FTF Butcher Shop

Look no further for the finest in pasture raised meats. This bundle contains the most tender cuts we offer, flash frozen and vacuum sealed at the peak of freshness so they'll be ready exactly when you are for that special steak dinner.

Antibiotic Free      Grassfed      Hormone Free      Humanely Raised      Paleo      Primal

FTF Butcher Shop

FTF Butcher Shop


We believe that it’s possible to deliver better tasting, higher quality meats in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for our customers, our farm partners, and the land. We look...
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  • Small Steak & Chop Bundle - Average $18.50/lb
    • 2 NY Strip Steaks
    • 2 Porterhouse Steaks
    • 2 Rib Steaks
    • 1 Sirloin Steak
    • 2 2-Packs Lamb Chops
    • 1 2-Pack Pork Chops
    • 2 2-Packs Chicken Breast
    Between 10 and 11 pounds of Steaks and Chops

    Large Steak & Chop Bundle - Average $17.60/lb
    • 4 NY Strip Steaks
    • 4 Porterhouse Steaks
    • 4 Rib Steaks
    • 2 Sirloin Steaks
    • 4 2-Packs Lamb Chops
    • 2 2-Packs Pork Chops
    • 4 2-Packs Chicken Breast
    Between 20 and 22 pounds of Steaks and Chops
  • Small Steak & Chop Bundle
    • 1/4 shelf of a small kitchen freezer

      • Large Steak & Chop Bundle
        • 1/2 shelf of a small kitchen freezer

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