From the Farmer

Pulled BBQ Brisket


By FTF Fine Foods

There's nothing better than a slowly smoked and pulled brisket tossed in BBQ sauce to get your mouth watering.  

Using our own 100% grassfed beef briskets, we cooked our brisket for over 48 hours, pulled, and tossed in nothing other than True Made Foods BBQ sauce to bring you the absolute best pulled BBQ brisket you can get.  Simply reheat and you've got one heck of a star on the plate!

FTF Fine Foods

FTF Fine Foods

Washington DC

At From the Farmer - we believe in the flavor, honesty, and transparency of what we call 'good food'. We also know sometimes that a busy weeknight can need a little extra nudge...
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  • 100% grass-fed and finished beef, True Made Foods BBQ sauce, sea salt, black pepper
  • As a sandwich with salsa verde or cole slaw or your favorite pickles. Over spaghetti or rice topped with diced onions and grated chese. Use as a hot dog or hamburger topping. Heat it up in a skillet and poach on egg in it and serve it over buttered toast.

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