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Saffron Malloreddus Pasta



By Sfoglini

Similar to a cavatelli, Sfoglini's Malloreddus are little morsels that originate from Sardinia in Italy. They work perfectly with a simplehomemade tomato or meat sauce along with some fresh basil. It is infused with saffron giving it a rich color and flavor. Soft and thick, it almost has a chewy aspect that is delicious in soups too.

Sfoglini Pasta shopuses traditional Italian bronze dies which give their pasta a textured, porous surface and then air dry at low temperatures to preserve the most nutrition and flavor.

Comes in 16 oz box.

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16 oz

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Brooklyn, NY

When Chef Steve Gonzalez and Scott Ketchum had a vision for bringing superior, locally produced pasta to New York City, they knew they had to take the leap to make...
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