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Southeast Asian Sweet Chili Sauce



By One Culture Foods

One Culture Food's Southeast Asian Dipping Sauce is spicy and tangy. The sauté and dipping sauce features first-press, 'extra virgin' (think along the same lines as olive oil) Phu Quoc fish sauce. Just fresh anchovies, salt and a lot of TLC. It is a complexbalance of Southeast Asian flavorsincluding tamarind, sambal,shallot,limeand a dangerous dose of diced red chilies.

This is so easy to use, simply add to meat or veggie dishes and your food will taste like you are a very sophisticated chef. Not to mention everything ismade in the USA withwholesome, GMO-free ingredients.

Saute& Dipping Sauce ideal for:

  • Pan-seared shrimp, fish, and scallops
  • Shrimp, chicken, and pork stir fries
  • Glazed pork chop, ribs, and roasts
  • Dippingspring and egg rolls
  • Dippingchicken strips and wings

    Comes in a 13 oz jar.

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    13 oz

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