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(just a bit) Spicy Kale Chimichurri



By FTF Fine Foods

If Italy is known for pesto, South America is known for Chimichurri.  A traditional sauce that is typically made with parsley, oil, garlic, pepper (of some kind), and vinegar, chimichurri sauces are great for just about everything.  From marinades to dips, finishing sauces to evening cooking your scrambled eggs in it, you seriously won't be disappointed.  

In the FTF Kitchen this week, we made our using kale and spicy peppers to put a spicy twist on a classic.   Add it to any of our great proteins (grass fed steak anyone?), as a dip for some crudités,  or smear on some bread to make your tummy smile.

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8 oz

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  • Kale, poblano peppers, jalapeño peppers, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, chile flakes
  • Sandwich topping, especially with meats/panini's.

    A base for making shakshuka (poached eggs, israeli style).

    With steak, pork, chicken.

    Mixed with cream cheese/smoked salmon topping base for bruschetta.

    Mixed into ceviche.

    On top of omelettes.

    Tucked under chicken skin before cooking.

    As a dip for crudite.

    Along side manchego cheese/ added to melted cheese.

    Adult grilled cheese.

    Mixed with ground meat for meatballs.

    Brushed on chicken wings

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