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From the Farmer

Sun-Dried Tomato Swapples


By Swap Foods

To our self-proclaimed pizza addicts and waffle enthusiasts who wish they were eating more veggies instead: we created Tomato Pizza swapples just for you!  With no flour but all the same “fluff”, these yuca-based waffles are the perfect, pizza-flavored vehicles for eggs, cheese, sausage… and even more tomatoes. 

Gluten-Free      No Sugar      Paleo      vegan

Swap Foods

Swap Foods

Washington, D.C.

At age 20, Rebecca’s doctor told her to remove all sugar from sugar from her diet – she was on her way to diabetes. How could that be possible? She...
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  • Yuca root, sun dried tomatoes, coconut oil, spice, sea salt, garlic

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