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From the Farmer

Sunshine Daydream


By Rijuice

This is our cult classic—–addiction begins the minute it hits your lips. Like a super-boosted lemonade with a hint of spice —– this blend never fails to rejuvenate the spirit. Sunshine Daydream is the perfect energizing, immune-boosting, alkalizing & anti-inflammatory elixir. Highly recommended first thing in the morning and appreciated by children of all ages!

Apples —– high in Vitamin C, pectin, and potassium
Lemon —– alkalizing, aids in digestion, blood detoxifier
Ginger —– potent natural anti-inflammatory



Lancaster, PA

Organic cold-pressed juice is the most enjoyable and accessible way to get fruits and vegetables into the body. Ruijice is crafting the highest quality juice because they obtain a steady supply of...
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