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From the Farmer

Tomato and White Sultana Chutney


By Le Bon Magot

The chutney has been an important part of Indian cuisine since before 500 B.C., with each region relying on a distinctive spice blend to preserve the locally cultivated produce. When sweet fruitiness of tomato is combined with tangy Kashmiri chillies in this versatile chutney, you will forget about ketchup!

Le Bon Magot

Le Bon Magot

New York, NY

Le Bon Magot translates to "the hidden treasure", and their products truly embody that phrase. Founded by Naomi Mobed, Le Bon Magot creates chutneys and other traditional products inspired by heritage...
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  • Tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, white sultanas, Kashmiri chiles, garlic, ginger, garam masala, sea salt. Made in a facility that packages products that contain tree nuts and seeds.
  • A perfect spread in sandwiches, this is a flavorful accompaniment to soft cream and goat cheeses. Dress up a simple roast chicken, or dollop next to a hunk of quiche or frittata. Whether jazzing up charcuterie or simply applied on toasted ciabatta, this chutney will become your plate-side companion at every meal!

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