From the Farmer



By Rijuice

Get some greens in your life but without the challenge on your palate.  This green juice is a beautiful & incredibly balanced combination of both organic fruits + vegetables. One of our most popular blends—The Sweet Greens was designed with everyone in mind – from novices to veterans alike – this is a green juice is for everyone!

  • Mint – natural blood purifier loaded with chlorophyll
  • Swiss Chard – high in vitamin K and iron, and contains upwards of 13 antioxidants
  • Pear – high in Vitamin C to boost the immune system



Lancaster, PA

Organic cold-pressed juice is the most enjoyable and accessible way to get fruits and vegetables into the body. Ruijice is crafting the highest quality juice because they obtain a steady supply of...
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  • Pear, Cucumber, Kale, Orange, Collards, Swiss Chard, Lemon, Mint

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