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If you have yet to try Sprelly nut butters, one of the newest items in our store, we highly recommend them! They made such a splash when we sat down as a team to taste test that there was a unanimous agreement we needed to share these with our customers. We recently chatted with Sprelly’s founder, Adrian Silversmith – check out how Sprelly started and what keeps it growin’!

Adrian Silversmith

Have you always been into making nut butter? What sparked this passion?
I’ve always been a relatively healthy guy and have always been interested in entrepreneurship.  I fell into the sales industry after college and worked various sales jobs until 2005, where I landed in Fredericksburg, VA with my wife and secured a job as the Director of Sales for an events management company.   Sprelly was an idea that was inspired by a trip with my wife and 2 daughters to a frozen yogurt shop where they had a “peanut butter” flavored frozen yogurt.  Being an entrepreneur at heart, I had the thought of “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place that was a nut butter bar with various all natural nut butters or fun flavored nut butters?!  You could maybe add toppings or even use those nut butters for unique sandwiches”.  As chance would have it, a few weeks later, I was laid off from my career of 8 years and I decided that was my “now or never” moment. 

Tell us a little about the inception of Sprelly.
I had mentioned my idea to a friend, who had recommended a local business competition called The Made In FredVA Contest (styled after the show “Shark Tank”).  Sprelly won the “People’s Choice Award” and opened the door to another business competition called “StartUp Weekend” where again, Sprelly won the “Crowd Favorite” award.  It snowballed from there!

Describe a day in the life at Sprelly!
Every day is a different day for Sprelly!  Since opening my first brick and mortar sandwich shop at 920 Caroline St in downtown Fredericksburg, VA, my day can be filled with making PB&Js and crepes for customers or making hundreds of tubs of nut butter to get ready for the weekend events or markets!  I also have to squeeze in some social media marketing when I can.  We’re really trying to expand our brand and hope we can franchise the sandwich/nut butter factory idea across the country.

Why do you make the nut butters you do? What’s the story behind them?
We make a variety of nut butters, ranging from all natural peanut butter and all natural almond butter (where we only use nuts!) to our healthy Triple Blend (almond, cashew, organic coconut oil).  We also make some very fun (and sweet) blends like the White Chocolate Almond Butter (our #1) or the Sprelly “Breakfast Blend” peanut butter (which tastes like cinnamon French toast!).  Another top seller is the Sweet Thai Chili Peanut Butter.  Lots of folks cook with this one!  I believe we have 17 or 18 different blends and flavors and we strive to be as unique as possible while providing customers with some of the freshest ground nut butters around. 

What’s your favorite way to use Sprelly nut butters?
My favorite Sprelly nut butter usage:  Triple Blend & Aloha Jam (Pineapple & coconut) is a great combo!  The Sprelly White Chocolate Almond Butter and strawberries on a crepe is incredible as is the Salted Butterscotch Peanut Butter, banana and bacon!  (All of which can be found at our brick & mortar location in downtown Fredericksburg!)

Who is your favorite kitchen hero and why?
My mother is my kitchen hero.  She was born & raised in Sweden and emigrated to the USA in her 20s.  I was always in the kitchen helping her with dinner and enjoyed learning about food.

What is your fondest food memory? 
My fondest food memory is my mother’s Swedish meatballs during the holidays!  

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