Seasonal Summer Cocktails – perfect for a Garden Fiesta!

When City Blossoms reached out looking for support for their annual Garden Fiesta we couldn’t have been more excited! With lots of great local food vendors already on the docket – Petworth Citizen, Chaia, Buredo, CavaWhisked! and more – we were excited to sponsor a seasonal cocktail (or two!) for the event.

When it’s cocktail time at From the Farmer we always turn to Don, the mixologist and mastermind behind DC’s leading shrub – Shrub District. With seasonal shrubs made with local fruit (Don gets his Strawberry’s from our ‘unicorn farmer’ Matt at 78 Acres!) – Don’s cocktail creations are the perfect pairing for an outdoor garden party like the Garden Fiesta and we were excited that he wanted to co-sponsor this great event together!

Don put together two awesome Strawberry-Dill based cocktails – one vodka based and the other bourbon based. Garnished with fresh late season strawberry’s from Fifer Orchards – these are the perfect porch sippers or punchbowl concoctions. Enjoy!

Strawberry Wine
.75 oz Vodka (we like Civic from DC-local Republic Restoratives)
.75 oz Strawberry Dill Shrub
.75 oz Ruby Port (Dow’s, Sandeman, etc)
1 oz coconut water

Berry Beer Buck
.75 oz Bourbon (we like Borough from DC-local Republic Restoratives)
.75 oz Strawberry Dill Shrub
1 oz Ginger Beer
1 oz Atlas Brewery’s District Common (or similar lager style beer)