Sourcing between the seasons

Sourcing between the seasons

As the sun warms my face and the birds chirp, my thoughts drift towards eating outside and the joys of spring. I think of less winter-y, lighter fare with a crisp snap and sweetness that’s all too familiar, like sugar snap peas – one of my all time favorite foods. But coming out of my daydream, I think about the reality of the ‘season of in-between’ that we’re in now…

This skimpy, in-between season (which also happens in the fall) is a challenging time of year for us here at From The Farmer. Challenging in that most of the local and regional winter stores of onions and garlic have dried up; it’s too soon for greens, while cabbage is nearly gone – and potatoes are the equivalent of Hollywood has-beens that you once loved and adored, but now gaze upon with a look of lackluster overfamiliarity. Albeit short, this transitory time is a culinary chasm. There’s no way around it. 

In an effort to catapult your palate into spring, we focus more on highlighting our partners growing perfect avocados and juicy, sweet citrus fruits to the south and west, alongside a few partners here. There’s still some good eating to be had locally, thanks to our partners who grow fresh herbs, and hydroponic tomatoes, lettuces and micro greens, so that when spring comes you’ll be ready for it. 

I assure you that, although local produce is at an all-time low on the exciting scale, that once weather warms, is more consistent and the soil loses its moppy moisture, we will begin to see spring’s bounty like: asparagus, peas, and broccoli rabe, the leaf lettuces, and the beginning of the berries

It’s all so very exciting, so hang tight and look out for your favorite spring produce items in the coming weeks in your delivery or in our Marketplace.

Head of Sourcing