The Alligator Pear

The Alligator Pear

The avocado, otherwise known as the ‘Alligator Pear’, is one of my all-time favorite foods and, as Summer begins to wave its warm hand goodbye, let us celebrate the bounty of this season with yet another cookout, another gathering, another big bowl of guacamole.

Now, you might be wondering why avocados, why now when there’s still plenty of hyperlocal food to be enjoyed? Well, I’ll tell you.

Two weeks ago (August 2015), I visited our citrus growers in South Florida who bring you bright, zesty grapefruit and oranges all winter long, when I was introduced to an organic avocado farmer named Dan Howard of Homestead Organic Farms. Dan and his wife Cindy live in the middle of one of the Avocado Groves on their farm Homestead Organic Farms. 

Dan, a fine fellow, invited me over one afternoon to share his stories of food and farming. After forty years in the fields, he’s collected quite a few tales that still make him chortle as we went bumping along in his pickup across his plots bespeckled with trees – some thirty years old – hanging heavy with avocados. We got philosophical and talked about where he thinks the food industry is going and how quickly it’s changing from something he knows to something all, “internet-y with smart phones and gadgets”.

He’s right that things are changing, but Dan is a good honest farmer who, like many, wants to see his food end up on a plate or in a picnic basket and so, to honor his hard work, I’ve decided to offer you the fruits of his labor in this week’s basket. This particular variety is a fleshy avocado that’s bigger than what you’re used to seeing, but is widely known and celebrated in the Sunshine State. Its light, buttery taste is a refreshing composition to help round out the variety of summer’s bounty before we tip into hardier winter-like crops that we all love and cherish.

Finally, know that for me, it’s a wondrous privilege and joy to partner with such fine folk who work hard to fill our plates and tummies and please enjoy this week’s harvest.


Tyler – Head of Sourcing