The Perfect Cup

The Perfect Cup

As far back as I can remember, my father always has had a cup of coffee near him at all times.  When I was barely old enough to see over the kitchen counter, I remember seeing spent cups placed all over the house.  From an early age I always wanted to be like dad, so one brave day when I was about 6 or 7, I took one of the many cups of coffee I found stranded in the house and joined him for breakfast one morning with my very own cup of coffee.  I remember loving the feel of the cup in my hand, still slightly warm from when he had first poured coffee in it an hour or so before and left it stranded for me to pick up.  And then – I tasted it.  It wasn’t good. In fact, I remember yelling out “Yuck!” and coughing (which my father laughed at gingerly).

But despite not liking it, I still strived to be like my father. Over the next few years, having a small cup of coffee with him in the morning became something of a ritual that I came to cherish. While I hold these memories near and dear, in hindsight, my father brewed horrible coffee.  It wasn’t his fault, but looking back, it’s amazing that he drank as much of that as he did (he drinks much better coffee now).  

Upon entering the workforce after college, I quickly learned that drinking coffee was a pillar of the professional world.  It was at this point that I was introduced to different types of coffee – and I’ve never been the same since.

My coffee obsession has intensified over the years to a point now that I want to know where the beans come from, how were they grown, when were they roasted, what the flavor notes are, and what brew methods are being used to extract the best cup of coffee possible. Don’t get me wrong, a cup of Starbuck’s coffee can certainly be a quick fix, but once you’ve had a properly poured pour-over or a well timed french press using freshly roasted and ground beans, you’ll come to appreciate the dark “bean juice” on a whole new level.  

The Perfect Cup

Today, I’m blessed to be surrounded by colleagues at the From the Farmer office who share a similar passion for coffee. We brew community “pots” on average 3-4 times a day. First, when we get to the office, we tend to run to the french press as we’re in desperate need of our caffeine fix – and at the same time, need to get our day going, so a french press is an easy way to multitask. By 10am, we’re on our way to making a Chemex or pour over. By 2pm, we’re either going to the nitro cold-brew we have on tap, or maybe trying a new roast that we got in that day by making a pour over. Similar to being a foodie and talking about what we’re eating, we tend to discuss the coffee we’re drinking; detailing the tasting notes and flavor profile as it evolves over the course of a cup.

It’s with this enthusiasm and dedication to great coffee that I’m proud to be offering locally roasted coffee beans from the best roasters in the DC area. I believe that we’re in the middle of a nationwide coffee renaissance and the DC area roasters are proudly amongst those leading the way.

Starting the first week of October 2015, we began offering a coffee addition that takes you on journey around the world, one cup at a time. Whether you subscribe to get new bag of freshly roasted beans from a variety of roasters around the city every week, or decide just to add a bag every now and then to a delivery, we promise you’ll be amazed not only by the complexity, but by the incredible quality. It is with this that I hope you’ll grind up some beans, get a kettle of hot water going, and join us at the proverbial table to enjoy a darn good cup-o-joe.

In the Pursuit of Freshness,


Co-Founder | From the Farmer