Touching Community With Capital Area Food Bank

In this sprawling metropolis we call home, many of us are fortunate to experience a good meal every day – three times a day. We dine at the hottest new restaurants or purchase high quality, fresh food that we cut, shred, cook into a delightful meal to share with roommates or family. We take for granted the availability and freshness of the food items we pick up at the store, market, or that are delivered to our homes. 

As we’re enjoying a warm, filling meal, though, there are more than 641,000 people who are at risk of experiencing hunger in our nation’s capital, according to Capital Area Food Bank – 200,000 of those being children. 

“In the Washington, D.C. area, housing costs are soaring and low-income housing is difficult to find. Utility and transportation costs also continue to increase, leaving little room in household budgets for food. ”

— Capital Area Food Bank

These folks aren’t unlike ourselves. They’re hard workers, many maintaining steady jobs, and live right in our own neighborhoods, or may be struggling to find a home. They have children who require school tuition, bills or car loans for their vehicle that gets them to and from their workplace or carries their children to school, and lastly, grocery bills from the food they purchase for their family.  

Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is the largest DC metro area organization working to solve hunger in our community. By collecting donations from grocery stores, such as Giant, and taking in over 40 million pounds of food each year, CAFB reduces food waste, as much of their donated food would otherwise be tossed in landfills, and feeds those who are in need of a meal. They also emphasize healthful options and wellness education for the people they serve, as well as utilize their own technology to understand which areas of our city need the most assistance. 

A huge part of what we do at From The Farmer is based on community – getting to know our farm partners and small-batch producers, and offering support to our charity partners as best we can. We know its holistic – we can’t do what we do and not give back in some way. Because of this, a few times a year we encourage a gathering of our team, friends, family and customers to lend a helpful hand with various organizations that align with our own mission. 

CAFB is one of those organizations, so, with the help of their amazing team, we’re offering a community day to assist with sorting food donations, packing bags for their delivery programs, and possibly getting hands dirty in their demonstration garden You can join us on April 30th at their beautiful facility in Northeast DC from 1 – 4 PM. Visit our event page here to sign up and lend a helpful hand in solving hunger in our DC community alongside Capital Area Food Bank! 


Community Day with Capital Area Food Bank + From The Farmer
April 30th  ||  1-4PM


Even if you cannot volunteer with us during this day, we urge you to contribute your time to volunteer with CAFB or another great DC organization focusing on solving hunger problems in our nearby neighborhoods. You can find opportunities with CAFB to support and improve the livelihood of over 540,000 people in DC, MD, and VA by visiting their Volunteer page!

Touching Community With Capital Area Food Bank

Photo credit : Morgan H. West